*updated October 10, 2021

In recent months, we’ve been experiencing a deficit in income needed to maintain our monthly expenses.  As a result, we are taking measures to limit spending where we can, at this time.


  • Suspension of all Budget Lines for ministries is now in effect until a workable financial plan is put in place by the Trustees, Treasurer and Elders.
  • Expenditures are now set at a monthly limit of $25.00 per month for ministry leaders. To be reviewed in 3 months by Trustees and Treasurer. Contact the Trustees if more money is needed
  • Scholarship monies are currently unavailable to any ministry.
  • Expenditure priorities for Deacon’s service activities must be analyzed, prioritized and reviewed in joint meetings with the Trustees to determine workable parameters. Eldership input will be sought when consensus cannot be reached.
  • An emergency meeting of the Missions Committee concerning overspending must be accompanied by severe performance reviews and revaluation reflecting extensive cuts commensurate with actual monthly cash intake.
  • All study materials and other expenditures made for small (A.R.I.S.E) groups will be the responsibility of the group itself.
  • The following are on hold until the church’s financial status is determined: All Retreat Center, van rental, travel costs, insurance rider additions, food purchases and other activity expenditures such as manuals, uniforms, art materials, sound and recording equipment
  • These restrictions will apply to the following ministries:
    • Sunday & Weekday Student Ministries
    • Hospitality
    • Women’s Ministry
    • Men’s Ministry
    • Arise Groups
    • RBC hosted events such as CMML meetings, town events, office rental space, other local church’s meetings, weddings, birthday parties etc.
  • Reestablishment of open plate offering will begin again on October 24, 2021


  • Feel free to talk to any of the Trustees if you have questions!  Email rbcupdates@gmail.com to get in touch with them