Jerry Eberhardt

Jerry is currently serving in France and is actively involved in Sunday instruction and 2 to 3 Bible studies weekly. Evangelism takes place in one-on-one situations and at two markets, where he has a Bible stand twice a week.


“Growing up I’d cut across a few lawns to hear the gospel at a little Baptist Church, just two minutes away from home. I came to know the Lord when I was 10 and rededicated my life at 21. After service in the Army, I went to Penn State and a few months later was hearing something from the Holy Spirit which made me change course.

During our 3 1/2 years at Moody Bible Institute, where my wife was a student also, we married and began to have babies. Barely 3 babies later we were on the field in early 1968 to join our Moody friends and new coworkers to reach out to the Berbers in Morocco. That was a challenge and an adventure. Incredible. Kids loved it. Then, at the end of 1978 we were kicked out and the Lord had already prepared a place for us in France. Thus began our ministry in France.

Primarily we help the smaller struggling French assemblies and are always open to any contact with Muslims.

I became a widower in 2007. What a teammate I had! Life is very different now, but it is true that God’s grace includes widower’s grace. Am so thankful.

Darla and I were from the same church, town and culture. We grew up about 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh on the Allegheny river.  She was 9 and I was 10 when we were saved. Her grandmother prayed all the time for her and that she would become a missionary. My older cousin, living next door, began to take my brother and me to Sunday School when I was 4. SO, that is how it started. Praise the Lord for these dear women!