Don't Be Afraid - Just Believe

Mark 5:36

Jacques Lamour

2/23/20241 min read

white book page on black textile
white book page on black textile

Jesus was the ultimate psychologist. He knew that as humans we worry, have insecurities and experience fear. At times we hear that little voice inside us telling us that we are not good enough or smart enough. We could have done better. How often do we judge ourselves? Many of us will admit that we are our own worst critic. I know I am.

Jesus does not want us to worry or live in fear. He knows that we are human and will make errors in judgement or at times wander away from Him. He accepts us as we are with our frailties and weakness. He loves us completely. We can trade all of our fears and problems with an undying faith in Him. He wants us to believe in Him above everything else.

Like everyone, I experience struggle, pain and fear. Even during the darkest times when my pain was so deep and I felt enveloped by darkness, I instinctively prayed to Him and He listened. I was not alone. It made me realize that he was always there, good times and bad. All he asks is that I put him first.

Sometimes I’m hard on myself because I still stumble daily. Though I still have a long way to go, I know that when I allow God to guide and live through me, He unburdens me of my worry and struggles. As I grow closer to Him, I have more compassion toward myself. I’m learning to accept, forgive and love myself and others more.

Jesus was humble. He saw everyone and everything through eyes of love. When I feel stuck and burdened by life, I try to remember to keep my eyes on the father and not my earthly struggles.

“Don’t be afraid; just believe”.

Mark 5: 36